Monday, November 16, 2009

Marathon, Storm and other excuses

Like other writers on this blog the last few days have not been the best for my exercise program.  I finally got out and walked 2 miles yesterday (Sun. 11/15)  simple neighborhood route.   I will probably be using this route for a while since the bike path has a lot of standing water from the storm.  What storm, why the Nov. northeaster that battered the OBX and stopped all walking for several days.  Photos of the aftermath are on Picasa, some pretty dramatic stuff.  The last 2 weeks have been very busy.  I was in Raleigh for 2 days then home then off to a football game that took most of the day.  The previous weekend was taken up with the OBX Marathon.  I worked barricades on Fri. Sat, Sun and Monday with the last 3 days being very physical.  I got a lot of exercise and was quite sore for a while.  Then came the storm and progress stopped.  I dropped 5 lbs during the marathon but gained 4 back during the storm.  Still down 10 pounds for this effort.

Will walk today, bright sunshine. neighborhood route and probably listen to some live Springsteen.  Bootleg recordings of his recent NYC shows.

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Elizabeth said...

OK, will try and do easy gym stuff this week. Need the exercise to try and stay sane. Good walk today in the sunshine with Springsteen?