Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bad Week Too

I got to the gym Monday morning and managed a spin on the recumbent bike and some sit ups. Toe still bothering me quite a bit - I did manage to wear shoes for the first time (instead of Merrills) Thursday evening and most of the day Friday. Will do some short walk today, Sunday.

Will be a challening week this week, since I am leaving for Greenbuild in Phoenix tomorrow evening, taking the red eye back Wednesday evening, board meeting Thursday and all day stockholder meeting Friday. I will take my sneaks with me and see what I can squeeze in.

Thanks to the hormonal challenges of being a pre-menopausal person I was on percoset and/or in serious pain for the past two days. Better today.

But I'm down 6.5 lbs total as of this morning.

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BOBXNC said...

Sounds rough. Hope you are making some progress on your toe.
Good read about your weight. After plateauing for a couple of weeks I dropped 5 pounds this week. Part of it was probably the relentless barricade schedule. Final steps on Barricades today.