Sunday, October 10, 2010

Holding my toe over the water

OK. Betsy told me yesterday that the two of you are going to do the DC Avon Walk for Bob's 60th birthday. Bob, she can tell you about the face I made. But it did inspire me to walk today - just the normal 3 mile loop with hills; but it felt good.

I begin to fantasize - do you think I could lose 25 pounds by May 1 if I did this? I only lost about 5 pounds last time; I ate like a horse once I started really training.

Or will my knees act up and just make me miserable?

Can I really go back and hit my friends up for more money? (Ugh! almost worse than exercising.)

I don't know that answers to these. But I will post my thoughts here as they come.

Love to both of you, D.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Ramping Up

I got on the scale this morning in a moment of post-weekend insanity. I immediately hopped into my walking clothes and high-tailed it to the gym. Walked only 2 miles (and did 100 situps) but it felt good. Will get back to weights tomorrow.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Marathon, Storm and other excuses

Like other writers on this blog the last few days have not been the best for my exercise program.  I finally got out and walked 2 miles yesterday (Sun. 11/15)  simple neighborhood route.   I will probably be using this route for a while since the bike path has a lot of standing water from the storm.  What storm, why the Nov. northeaster that battered the OBX and stopped all walking for several days.  Photos of the aftermath are on Picasa, some pretty dramatic stuff.  The last 2 weeks have been very busy.  I was in Raleigh for 2 days then home then off to a football game that took most of the day.  The previous weekend was taken up with the OBX Marathon.  I worked barricades on Fri. Sat, Sun and Monday with the last 3 days being very physical.  I got a lot of exercise and was quite sore for a while.  Then came the storm and progress stopped.  I dropped 5 lbs during the marathon but gained 4 back during the storm.  Still down 10 pounds for this effort.

Will walk today, bright sunshine. neighborhood route and probably listen to some live Springsteen.  Bootleg recordings of his recent NYC shows.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bad Week Two?

It was a wild and wonderful week, but not for exercise or weight management! Left for Phoenix and GreenBuild Monday. Was on a panel as part of a class in "Green Leases" on Tuesday - less than 15 minutes of fame, but fun anyway. Attended a few good sessions on Wednesday before taking the 'red eye' home for a 7:00 am Thursday arrival. A great trip, but no time for exercise. Had regained 3 of my 7 lost lbs by the time I got home...

Needed to be back for a super-fun Sasaki board meeting Thursday pm and stockholder meeting all day Friday. Much stress.

On the brighter side, we drove out to Skidmore Saturday morning and spent the day with Eddie and girlfriend Ramsay. Spent much of the afternoon in their studios checking out Eddie's jewelry and Ramsay's drawings and paintings, along with lots of other student and faculty work. After dinner with Eddie and friends and a nap, we went to The Putnam Den for Gung Ho's 12:30 am set. We admired their enthusiastic fans and really enjoyed the music too. They sounded fantastic (as did their new demo CD)!

FINALLY had a 40-minute walk around the Saratoga Springs State Park this morning. Gorgeous day. Toe still swollen but it only hurt a bit. I think I'll be cured in another week.

Will have a more sane week this week - will spend some time at the gym!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bad Week Too

I got to the gym Monday morning and managed a spin on the recumbent bike and some sit ups. Toe still bothering me quite a bit - I did manage to wear shoes for the first time (instead of Merrills) Thursday evening and most of the day Friday. Will do some short walk today, Sunday.

Will be a challening week this week, since I am leaving for Greenbuild in Phoenix tomorrow evening, taking the red eye back Wednesday evening, board meeting Thursday and all day stockholder meeting Friday. I will take my sneaks with me and see what I can squeeze in.

Thanks to the hormonal challenges of being a pre-menopausal person I was on percoset and/or in serious pain for the past two days. Better today.

But I'm down 6.5 lbs total as of this morning.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bad week

Too much stuff going on this week. 
Managed to walk on Tues in Raliegh.  A mile from my hotel to the convention center and a mile back
Thurs. I walked 3 down to Pamlico Jack's (formerly Penguin Isle) to pick up Carole's car left there after a birthday party.
Today is plenty of exercise moving barricades for the OBX Marathon so I am not to worried.  Sunday is all day working at the Marathon (6:30 am til 4) so no walk then.
Monday will be more exercise taking barricades down then Tues is a Duke class all day.  Maybe walk early.

The scale will not like me on Sunday.
OK just eat less.
No weather
No Music

Sunday, November 1, 2009

4 mile Saturday

Four miles on a gorgeous Sat. 
Walked the same route as last time.  Down the bike path to the southern end of the Village at Nags Head then back to the west side and through the village to its northern end the cut across to Nags Head Cove then home.

Weather was 70's light SW breeze, blue skies and wonderful
Music Guy Clark  and Ramblin' Jack Elliott at Newport Folk Festival 2009

No walk today (Sunday) let my body recover.  Did 2 miles every day this week.  May try 6 miles soon.  Next weekend is the OBX Marathon  = Half Marathon.  I am not walking but I have a fairly intense volunteer schedule as Barricade Bob.