Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bad Week Two?

It was a wild and wonderful week, but not for exercise or weight management! Left for Phoenix and GreenBuild Monday. Was on a panel as part of a class in "Green Leases" on Tuesday - less than 15 minutes of fame, but fun anyway. Attended a few good sessions on Wednesday before taking the 'red eye' home for a 7:00 am Thursday arrival. A great trip, but no time for exercise. Had regained 3 of my 7 lost lbs by the time I got home...

Needed to be back for a super-fun Sasaki board meeting Thursday pm and stockholder meeting all day Friday. Much stress.

On the brighter side, we drove out to Skidmore Saturday morning and spent the day with Eddie and girlfriend Ramsay. Spent much of the afternoon in their studios checking out Eddie's jewelry and Ramsay's drawings and paintings, along with lots of other student and faculty work. After dinner with Eddie and friends and a nap, we went to The Putnam Den for Gung Ho's 12:30 am set. We admired their enthusiastic fans and really enjoyed the music too. They sounded fantastic (as did their new demo CD)!

FINALLY had a 40-minute walk around the Saratoga Springs State Park this morning. Gorgeous day. Toe still swollen but it only hurt a bit. I think I'll be cured in another week.

Will have a more sane week this week - will spend some time at the gym!

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BOBXNC said...

Sorry to hear about your toe. Hope it keeps getting better. Do the easy stuff in the gym for a while and let it get healed.