Sunday, October 10, 2010

Holding my toe over the water

OK. Betsy told me yesterday that the two of you are going to do the DC Avon Walk for Bob's 60th birthday. Bob, she can tell you about the face I made. But it did inspire me to walk today - just the normal 3 mile loop with hills; but it felt good.

I begin to fantasize - do you think I could lose 25 pounds by May 1 if I did this? I only lost about 5 pounds last time; I ate like a horse once I started really training.

Or will my knees act up and just make me miserable?

Can I really go back and hit my friends up for more money? (Ugh! almost worse than exercising.)

I don't know that answers to these. But I will post my thoughts here as they come.

Love to both of you, D.

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

Hey Dorothy, I like your fantasies and have some of my own to pile on... Your 3 mile loop got me going today, and I did 3 miles of my own. Gorgeous day!